Twice the good news: missing property was found, and ‘it’s a girl’


Just a few weeks ago, Yohan and Jackie Ahn were feeling down in the dumps–the company they hired to move from Peoria, Illinois was holding their belongings for ransom.

The Williamsville couple had packed up their two young girls, and all of their belongings, paid the movers, who told them at the last minute they would have to shell out a lot more money if they ever wanted to see their stuff again.

And Jackie was expecting to give birth to their third child at any moment.
Then last week, those dark clouds parted and out came the sun–daughter Eden was born, and on that same day, a federal transportation official notified them their belongings that had been moved to an undisclosed location, had been found.

Yohan said they got the news in an email, “saying, ‘we have located your belongings,’ and ‘it is in Illinois.,’ and he gave me the address of the storage unit, and so forth.  Of course we were a little busy, so the next day we checked our emails and there it was, and we could not believe it.”

When the Ahns moved to Williamsville from Illinois, the company they chose Unified Van Lines, turned out to be a national scam, and some of the company’s top officials were indicted by a federal grand jury in Cincinnati, Ohio, two weeks ago.

Ironically, now that their valuables have been located, the Ahns said their insurance company is not going to cover all the new furniture they bought for their new townhouse.

Jackie and Yohan could sell their surplus to cover their losses, which have been substantial, but with all the help they have received, Jackie said they would like to pay it forward.

“We have a household full of things, and we just don’t want it all back. We would like to find people who really need it, and would love to have it.”

The Ahns said they are going to weigh all their options, and have time to think about it since their property is now evidence in a criminal investigation.

They are also aware many of the victims of the moving scam have not been as fortunate, and that is one of their considerations for paying it forward.

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