BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — When the Erie County Sheriff’s Office got a call about potential human trafficking, they put their Human Trafficking Unit into action.

Deputies were tipped off by a fellow police force and started an investigation on April 24. Police say they made contact with several people before getting enough information to keep watch on a Grand Island residence. Police say they eventually learned more details on females who were being lured into Buffalo by promises of money for escort services.

Police eventually brought the people who were at the house in for questioning. Police brought a male and female in from the home and say the female told deputies a story of being lured to Buffalo by the promise of money and the threat of violence.

That led police to arrest the man, Emal Nessary, a 34-year-old California resident. Police gathered enough information to arrest a second man, 36-year-old Florida resident Maxwell Cipriani. They located him at the Rainbow Bridge, and police say he had a female with him who he was going to traffic.

Police charged each with felony labor trafficking (using force and instilling fear to compel someone to engage in labor activity), felony scheming to defraud and felony promoting prostitution.

Both men will be held pending their arraignment.