COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — After 11 months, Monique Coverson and her partner, Larissa are back home in Georgia. They returned home Saturday after a judge found them innocent.

Back in January, after sitting in prison without charges, the two were sentenced 20 to 25 years after a legal, tobacco-like substance was found in their Kuwait home. Coverson said the substance was none of theirs in the first place. She says she distinctly remembers hearing the loud bangs of people forcing themselves into their home.

She also remembers the January day when they were given their sentence.”My life just went blank right in front of my eyes,” Coverson said. “There was a moment when I didn’t know if I was coming home.” The two women never left each others’ side while in prison. Coverson says there was no freedom inside the prison. They were subject to whatever they were told. However, the two kept strong and kept God with them at all times.

The two were in court more than 10 times, but returned back without being freed. However, things changed at their last appeal. Monique says she saw goodness in the judge that she had not seen in previous ones. She had a good feeling when they had to wait only a week to hear their sentence. On April 4, they called their lawyer and they learned they were innocent.

Word of their innocence spread to Monique’s mother, Michelle through a text message. She says when she got it, she jumped out of bed and began to thank God.

Coverson says she is taking things one day at a time now. She says there are so many people she wants to thank for bringing her and Larissa home. “They tried to take everything from me, but we as a nation were not going to let them,” Coverson said. “My mom wasn’t going to let them. My family: my brothers, my sisters; they weren’t going to let them.”

When we asked Michelle about what it is like to have her daughter home, with her arm around Monique and a smile on her face, she replied, “She’s not going anywhere. We’ve got her passport. We may just throw it in that fire right there.”

Michelle said after this experience, she plans to write a book about what she has been through during Monique’s imprisonment. She plans to call it A Mother’s Love.