Two of the “Buffalo Five” go to court hoping to have their murder convictions vacated


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – They’ve been out of prison for years, but on Monday, two Buffalo men went to court hoping to have the murder convictions against them thrown out.

Darrell Boyd spent 28 years in prison and is on parole for life.

John Walker spent 21 years in prison.

They were only 16 when they were accused of murdering William Crawford in his Fillmore Avenue driveway in 1976 after he left Golden Nugget Inn.

On Monday, they went to court hoping to get their convictions vacated.

In the crime scene photos available at their trials, there were several footprints in the snow at the crime scene- possibly first responders footprints.

But in the trial of the only teen who was acquitted, there was allegedly a photo of only one set of footprints in the snow helping to prove that a group of teens wasn’t there.

That’s according to retired Judge James Mcleod who says he successfully use that photo to get his client acquitted- but now there’s no trace of that photo.

“If you think about it, with all the cases that are investigated, there has never been a requirement that those things be saved for years and years and years,” said Walker and Boyd’s attorney, Paul Cambria. “You could probably fill this building with all the cases.”

Years after they were already in prison, a key witness at their trials came forward recounting his story. He says detectives pressured him into pointing the finger at them to avoid the finger being pointed at him.

“So he was picked up and coerced,” Boyd said.

Today State Supreme Court Justice Christopher Burns did not rule on the case, but granted a full hearing on the matter next month.

“If I had committed a murder, I would be somewhere hiding. I wouldn’t want you to know. I wouldn’t want people looking in that camera to know that I had committed a murder. I’d be ashamed of myself so I would have been very quiet and you would’ve known nothing about me,” said Walker. “But when you wake up every morning with some thing in your feelings telling you that you’ve been wrong and you need to do something about it.”

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