CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — For those who need a brief reprieve, NASA has shared several cosmic images that can take you out of this world, even just for a moment.

The space agency released compilations from different missions and telescopes this fall. Combined, the images provide a better understanding of the science of the universe, according to NASA.

Each image contains data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and multiple views from different telescopes, showing galaxies, supernova remnants, stars and planetary nebulas. Together, the pictures capture what it looks like when data from across the electromagnetic spectrum is assembled.

On Monday, the observatory reported that its scientists were studying stars in Messier 33, which is the smallest spiral galaxy in the Local Group of galaxies that also includes the Milky Way.

Messier 33 (Photo courtesy of NASA’s Chandra Observatory)

X-ray data captured a range of objects, including supernova remnants and black holes, the observatory said in a statement on Twitter.