UBMD physician leading medical community in diabetes care and treatment


WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo area doctors at UBMD are leading the way with new research for treatment for Type 1 diabetes patients. It’s called Dapagliflozin.

“One pill a day – it’s remarkable,” said Dr. Paresh Dandona, the Director of Endocrinology at the University at Buffalo. “The results are startling.”

He’s been leading a clinical trial working with Type 1 diabetes patients, providing them with the pill and says they’re seeing amazing results and that it’s the first major breakthrough for those living with Type 1 since insulin was discovered nearly 100 years ago.

“It can save a lot of lives,” starts the doctor. “It can reduce complications like eye disease, blindness, kidney disease and failure. Type 1 is really a disaaster and overall, not a disease you want to have.”

The doctor says 10% of Western New Yorkers have diabetes and only 10% of those are living with Type One – meaning .01% have that form of the disease.

“When I was first diagnosed, I was told there is life after diabetes but i was so sick all the time,” said Jamie K. Lanier, a type one diabetes patient. “I was like how do people live with this disease? I would cry on my way to the doctor, cry after and it didn’t make any sense.”

She was originally diagnosed in 2012, going to her doctor after dealing with frequent urination and tingling in her legs, recalling how scary it was when she found out she had diabetes.

When she first found out she had it, her A1C was 12.5. She was put on insulin and gained nearly 85lbs.

“I was never told how to use it or the affects of it,” said Lanier.  “I was just told that I had to take it or I’d die. I was so ready to just give up.”

Lanier says she heard about Dr. Dandona and his research in 2014 and immediately became a patient.

“I probably wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for him and his trials and the risks he willing to take with medicine,” said Lanier.

Now, after aggressive treatment with Dr. Dandona and those at UBMD, Lanier’s A1C has been cut down by more than half and she has a new outlook on life and her disease.

“He never gets tired and I don’t want to get tired,” said Lanier whose patient-physician relationship with Dr. Dandona inspired her PhD dissertation. “I want to spread the message to as many people and their families and friends and let them know that diabetes is livable. It is treatable and he’s proven it over and over again and I am living proof of that.”

Dapagliflozin is still in the trial phase right now. Dr. Dandona expects, if results continue, it’ll be approved in a years time. He is looking for people to sign up for the trials. Those interested can call UBMD by calling (716) 535-1850.

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