Unyts in need of specific blood type during summer months


A local blood donation center needs more blood donations this time of year. They say they typically see more trauma patients in local hospitals during the summer months.

The summer season brings the hot weather and family fun trips, but for medical professionals — this is known as trauma season.

They say they typically see more trauma patients in local hospitals during the summer months.

“Recently there’s been some additional traumas, accidents and patients in our hospitals that we supply that have really put an, that have really dampened the blood supply,” said Amanda Farrell, director of blood donor recruitment at Unyts.

From car accidents to violence to even emergency surgeries, Amanda Farrell says it’s important to keep a healthy blood supply.

She’s the director of blood donor recruitment for Unyts which supplies blood to several area hospitals.

Farrell says there is always need for blood donations in the summer.

“People are on vacation this summer so sometimes donating blood isn’t the first thing or unfortunately the last thing people think of,” said Farrell.

But she says Unyts currently needs a specific blood type, type O, both O- and O+.

Farrell says O+ is the most common blood type. O- is the rarest and used most often in trauma situations. She says depending on the injury one trauma patient can use a hospital’s entire supply of O blood type.

“When a patient is coming in in a trauma situation before there’s even a chance for medical professionals to type them, anyone can receive type O- blood,” said Farrell.

Local hospitals like ECMC and Mercy Hospital in Buffalo say their supply is good for now.

Farrell says one blood donor can save up to three lives with their donation.  She says western New York is never in short supply of good neighbors.

“It’s really the blood that’s on the shelves now that’s going to help that’s going to help care for those traumas, those accidents, those surgeries that are happening tomorrow,” said Farrell.

Farrell says more young people are donating blood now than in recent years.

There is a community blood drive Thursday from 1 to 6pm at the Cornerstone Ice Arena in Lockport.

Farrell says if you donate blood remember to drink lots of water and eat a good meal beforehand.

For a complete list of blood donation centers, click here.

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