Vape store sued over exploding e-cigarette


BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) A North Tonawanda woman has filed a civil suit against a vape store after she claims an e-pen exploded leaving serious burns to her thighs.

“I’m pretty sure in this case it was the batteries exploded,” said attorney Hugh Russ. he said his client, Amanda Pickard, bought the Snow Wolf e-cigarette last July at Planet Vape in Tonawanda. The very next day, she says she was riding in a car with her boyfriend, who took a puff, laid it down in the cup holder and it exploded. “The batteries shot out, one to the left, one to the right which landed on Mandy’s lap and then on the floor. It caused severe burns to Mandy and then the floor of the car actually caught fire.”

“Just sorry that happened to them and I wish them luck,” said Adam Mavrak, who owns Planet Vape. He feels the Chinese manufacturer should be liable for whatever happened. “If you buy a vaccuum from WalMart and it has a malfunction and blows up, you’re not gonna sue WalMart. You’re gonna sue the manufacturer who created the device. I’m just a retailer and so that’s kind of where I stand on that.”

Mavrak even posted a Facebook video three months ago alerting customers that his shop will wrap the lithium batteries for free as a safety precaution. While Mavrak can’t say for sure what happened with the product Pickard bought , he says when a vape explodes it’s usually caused by unwrapped lithium batteries or by users who aren’t careful about the button that turns it on.

“The button is a side-fire button for convenience and what I see a lot of time, people have this in their pocket and the weight of it will just fire the button so if that’s sitting in your car for twenty minutes, your battery’s obvously gonna heat up and, again, it’s a lithium battery just as dangerous as your cell phone battery,” said Mavrak on Wednesday.

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