Veterans and their families rolled up their sleeves for COVID-19 booster shots at the Buffalo VA Medical Center


The VA Western New York Healthcare System hosted a walk-in covid19 booster clinic at the Buffalo VA Medical Center Tuesday.

“The booster dose is here to protect and boost the immune response for those who received the first doses and need that added level of protection,” said Sean Lindstrom, covid-19 vaccine coordinator Buffalo VA Medical Center.

Hundreds of veterans stopped by including Lloyd Bell who is a Vietnam Veteran.

“I new I had to get my booster, so I came and got it done today,” said Bell. “If I’m going to die, it won’t be from covid-19”

The clinics take place every week from Tuesday through Friday. They’re offering boosters to veterans who qualify, as well as boosters and full covid vaccinations for veterans’ families.

“It’s important for everyone, but it’s especially for our veteran population that tends to be a bit older and tends to have more chronic medical conditions,” said John Sellick, infectious disease expert at the Buffalo VA Medical Center. “So, when we look right now at what’s going on across the country, most of the severe cases we’re seeing and most of the deaths that we’re seeing are in unvaccinated people.”

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