VIDEO: New York GOP issues response to Governor's State of the State

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) - Following Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address on Tuesday afternoon, the New York Republican Party gave a response. 

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, Cuomo's 2018 Republican challenger, issued the response. 

The party said in a statement that this address marks the first time the NYGOP has offered an official response to the Governor’s State of the State address. 

Real the full statement below: 

Hi I’m Marc Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive. It’s great to see you again.


I spent most of last year running for Governor and on Election Day over 2 million New Yorkers trusted me with their vote - that’s a lot of votes - thank you. It was an honor.


But whether you voted for me or Andrew Cuomo, whether you voted Republican or Democrat  - Conservative or Working Families, this message is for all New Yorkers. Because we are all in this together.


I don’t know about you, but it’s tough to get any peace with all the hollering and bickering politicians are doing these days. Each trying to out yell, out name call the other - ones a bigot, the other is a sexist, one only cares about the rich, the other is soft on crime - they all claim to love our state and our country - they just don’t seem to love all the people in it.


It’s a lot of noise.


In my family, we do what you do. We work, we raise our kids and at night, after a long hard day - my wife and I sit down and talk about their future - about our future. No matter what your family looks like, this is the daily rhythm of life. It’s harder for some, easier for others but there are truisms that we can call agree.


We know:


There is no Republican or Democrat way to love your child.


No party has the corner on cherishing your family.


No election, no President, no Governor decides how we treat our neighbors. You decide that - and that is how it should always be.


And finally, the opportunity, the obligation to work and provide for your family, to make a better life, that calling transcends all politics.  


The challenge for elected officials and for political parties is to put forth a cohesive philosophy and policies that support those needs.

There is nothing more precious than individual freedom. And it is government's job to secure that freedom against the power of evil, the power of big business and the power of big government.  A limited but active government doesn’t substitute its will for yours - it does the things necessary to free you, to empower you to live your dreams.


As Abraham Lincoln said, “The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but cannot do, at all, or can not, so well do, for themselves — in their separate, and individual capacities."


Today, too many find themselves underrepresented and left out of the conversation about the future of our state. These New Yorkers deserve to be heard and deserve the same opportunity to experience and enjoy all of what the great state of New York can be for everyone.


We believe in lower taxes so you keep more of your own money. Because we believe you can spend it better than government.


We believe in smaller, smarter and effective government that gets red tape out of the way so small business, families and farms can compete and succeed.


And yes, we believe in the rule of law, that seeks to prevent crime and provide justice to all, put victims first, honors our first responders and keep our communities safe.


Not only are these values important to millions of New Yorkers, but these are also key tenants of the Republican Party.


Amidst all the noise, too many have forgotten that New YorkRepublicans have always stood for more. Much more.  At our best, we have demanded tolerance, and forged dynamic and forward-looking solutions to the problems facing our state. We have led the way in preserving the environment, advancing education, fighting discrimination and protecting the less powerful.


That’s why I also believe in the values extolled and made real by a tradition of great New York Republican Governors.


Governor George Pataki - a conservationist who fought climate change--before most people knew what it was--and preserved more than one million acres of open space for future generations.


Governor Nelson Rockefeller - who believed so much in the intrinsic value of education and its ability to liberate the mind and lift the soul that he almost single-handedly willed into existence the largest and best public university system in America - SUNY - that still thrives today.


And Governor Thomas Dewey, whose career as New York’s District Attorney, embodied the rule of law, also believed that all men and women should be treated equal under it. Which is why he signed into law the Ives-Quinn Anti -Discrimination Bill, making New York the very first state in America to prohibit discrimination in employment based on race, creed, color, and national origin.


And of course Governor Teddy Roosevelt, the Republican who saw an economic system where powerful companies, monopolies, were taking advantage of and exploiting hard working men, women and children and took the tough action to fix it.


These, these are the proud Republican values, the ideas, the accomplishments - that have set New York Republicans apart from the Democrats.


Today the challenges are great:


Our Upstate economy is in a death spiral - a paucity of opportunity and a dearth of affordability has led to a mass exodus from our state - in particular upstate. New York is one state, but for too long the voices of upstate voters have not been heard or heeded.  


To paraphrase Lincoln, “ ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand.’

I do not expect our state to separate up from down -- I do not expect our state to fail -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided.”


The re-imagination and a reconstruction of the relationship between upstate and downstate is critical and that will only happen with leadership.


We can’t wait for another election to take action. We can’t wait another day. That is why I am calling on Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer, two of America’s most powerful elected officials, to convene a summit of elected officials, business leaders, innovators, educators and community organizations to create plan to revive the Upstate economy. And to use their unique leadership positions, in Washington and Albany, working with Republicans and Democrats, to implement an agenda to save Upstate. There is no time to waste.


The lack of economic opportunity and alienation has contributed to another crisis. The over prescription and general availability of opioids, coupled with the corrosive, unchecked and underappreciated impacts of social media, have sent the rates for suicide and self-injury skyrocketing.


Suicide rates are up 30 percent since 1999, with upstate men leading the sad demographic.  Too many upstate men who increasingly feel left behind, unprepared and out of options are depressed turn to opioids and heroin to alleviate the pain. Addiction, overdose and too often death follows.


And our young women - our daughters and grandchildren, 15-19, are experiencing rates of self harm that are nearing epidemic levels. Social media programmers create their products to stimulate short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops - creating a new kind of addiction. Young minds, that are still maturing are particularly susceptible to its harmful impacts.

Like Teddy Roosevelt, it’s time we got serious, dead serious about taking on big pharma, the social media behemoths and check their power. Action is underway against big pharma - but social media is still unchecked. Facebook & Instagram are a veritable monopoly. Twitter a veritable monopoly. We need to understand and regulate their power before they destroy a generation of young people.


And finally, it is time we all get real about Thinking Differently when it comes to our special needs population. The last bastion of legalized discrimination in our state is a separate and unequal education system, which relegates those with special needs to second class education.


As we move forward as a society we must remain ever vigilant to crush discrimination, sexism and Antisemitism in all its forms. And I pray for a day when the color of your skin, gender, sexual preference or religion, are no longer a cause for prejudice.


And make no mistake, while we have made progress in these pursuits we still have work to do. Yet, we have given little or no attention to increasing opportunity to those with cognitive and physical impairments.


The Americans with Disabilities Act, enacted by another Republican, George Herbert Walker Bush, made great strides in achieving accommodations for those with special needs, improving access to the wonders of America greatness. But it did not address opportunity. Work. Productivity. Being all we can be as a person.


It is time we considered a program of affirmative action in education, employment and opportunity for a class of difference for which ending hate and ignorance is not the solution.


So don’t be confused by all the hollering, and name calling. Don't buy into the stereotypes and the national media hype.  The New York Republican Party has always been the party of Roosevelt, Dewey, Rockefeller and Pataki, Lincoln Republicanism is at the core of New York’s greatest triumphs.


New York Republicans have always led not just New York, but America in fighting hate and discrimination. We have set the standards for stewardship of the environment.  And we have always been the true champion of opportunity.


The tradition of Pataki, Rockefeller, Dewey and Roosevelt are tried, tested and true to our better angels.


And if you turn down the volume on the cable news, look past the ads, tune out the yelling and give us a chance - and listen, really listen, because it’s hard to - I promise we will carry on that tradition.


Thank you."

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