Village of Kenmore business owner feuds with Mayor over grass


VILLAGE OF KENMORE (WIVB) — They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but that’s not exactly the case in the Village of Kenmore.

The owner of Buffalo Design & Printing on Elmwood Avenue, Joseph Farage, says he never wanted the green space planted along his family-owned business, which came with the village streetscape project. Now, he’s demanding Mayor Patrick Mang take responsibility for the upkeep.

Bright orange signs cover that grassy area and read “Mayor Patrick Mang Cut Your Grass.”

The 2017 streetscape plan planted grass and extended sidewalks along the Elmwood area. Farage says it needs a lot of maintenance.

“Laying down new topsoil, raking it out, reseeding,” Farage listed. “That area always gets abused by people pulling in off elmwood at 35 miles per hour, going over the curb.”

“I have several complaints about the project, but they all got washed away when Mayor Mang said he would do the maintenance,” he added.

The Kenmore Village Mayor claims he never agreed to take care of the property but says the village has tried to help with some of the damage to the area.

“We did try to make some compromises with him, and we did do something for him,” said Mayor Patrick Mang. “We put up a fence so the grass would grow. When we took the fence down he said he wasn’t going to cut the grass. That he was not going to be responsible for that. And by law he is responsible.”

After he put up signs and sent emails, Farage says the village stopped by around 4 times to mow. He estimates they have not been back in 2 months.

“Now that the grass has taken, people haven’t been running it over, it’s time for him to accept his responsibility and cut the grass,” said Mayor Mang.

If Farage doesn’t keep up with the property, he could be fined.

He tells News 4, ultimately he wants the village to pave over the area. Mayor Mang says that will not happen.

Abby Fridmann is an anchor and reporter who joined the News 4 team in November 2020. See more of her work here.

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