Volunteers working to keep the peace after Buffalo summer school dismisses at McKinley High School


McKinley High School is holding two sessions of summer school Buffalo City School District students. It’s when these sessions are dismissed, that business owners and residents say, problems sometimes arise.

A recent video of a fight was released showing students from summer school fighting inside a store on Elmwood Avenue, just a few blocks away from the high school.

It happened on Friday afternoon. The video shows students entering the store and fighting. They knocked over a snack shelf, and a few of them are seen taking bags of potato chips and just walking out.

Buffalo Police and the Buffalo Peacemakers say this was an isolated incident.

Some of the Peacemakers are stationed near the school, as part of a program with the Buffalo Police Department, called Safe Passage.

Over the years it has helped students arrive to school and leave school safely.

“The Peacemakers are there because they want to be there,” said Captain Steve Nichols. “They want to keep the neighborhood safe, and they want to reach out to the kids. They’ve made some great relationships over the years with a lot of the kids at the hubs.”

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