ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — October 14th is the voter registration deadline. If you plan on casting a ballot on November 8th and you’re not registered to vote here in New York State, time is running out for you to do so.

“You can register in person at your local board of elections, you can register online if you have a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles ID whether that’s a driver’s license or a non-driver ID so you can register online at their website,” explained John Conklin, spokesperson for the New York State Board of Elections. “The other way to do it is to register by mailing a paper and application into your local board of elections but it has to be postmarked today.”

If you are registered and choose to vote by absentee ballot, you must apply for one by October 24.

“That’s not a postmark deadline, that’s a received by deadline,” said Conklin. “So a local board has to have that. You can apply, print out a paper application, and mail to your local board. You can hand deliver it to your local board, but we also have an online absentee ballot application portal on our website, every county board of elections should have a link that will take you to the portal.”

Those in New York City have access to the portal as well. Some qualifications for an absentee ballot are that you must be out of your county or borough on Election Day, sick, caring for someone who is sick, or living in a nursing home.

“The other open question right now– is fear of COVID a valid excuse? If you have COVID, you’re sick. You qualify under the sick. But if it’s fear of COVID, there is litigation right now where that is debatable. No court has issued an order saying that’s not a valid excuse at this time. So you can still use that.”

Nine days before Election Day, early voting will be taking place as well.

“Let’s say you’re not going to be in your county or you’re traveling on Election Day and you forget to file your absentee ballot application in time, you can go and early vote. That’s another convenience for the voters to access the franchise”

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