Walmart changes gun policy following mass shootings


What some are calling a move in the right direction, others are calling a poor business decision.

Walmart’s CEO announced Tuesday that the retail giant would discontinue sales of handguns, short-barrel ammunition and asked customers to no longer open-carry in states where that’s allowed.

Budd Schroeder is a second amendment rights advocate in Western New York. He said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Walmart’s sales decline.

“While we have the right to keep and bare arms, there’s also the right to private property,” Schroeder said. “If people don’t want their customer to come in, the customer does not have to be there – so if they want to lose the customer from coming in there, that’s up to them.”

But others, like Paul McQuillen of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, say it’s about time.

“The average citizens, the gun violence prevention groups, the community action groups in the cities and states across the country have been doing the heavy lifting for so long. But it’s time for organizations to step up and help stop the mass killings across the country,” McQuillen said.

Walmart’s CEO said this decision was made following the recent “horrific” shootings, including on last month at an El Paso Walmart.

Walmart will continue to sell long-barrel deer rifles and shotguns, along with most ammunition for those guns. They will also continue to let customers conceal carry if they have a permit.

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