(WIVB) – When Flying Bison Brewing Company opened in May 2000, it was one of very few craft breweries in the area.

“We were the first new brewing license in the city of Buffalo in 100 years,” founder Tim Herzog said.

The brewery started out as “kind of a one-man shop”, and slowly expanded, Herzog added.

Eventually, they outgrew their original space on Ontario Street. Flying Bison moved into Larkinville in 2014.

Two of the beers Flying Bison started out with 20 years ago are still available- Buffalo Kolsch (which started out as Dawn Patrol Gold), a “light-boded, easy-drinking beer, the Buffalo beer”, as Herzog describes it- and Aviator Red, named in memory of co-founder Larry “Red” Mrozek.

Flying Bison has put out of plethora of beers in the past 20 years, including the popular “Rusty Chain” Vienna Lager, which was created in 2008 as a fundraiser for what’s now GoBike Buffalo.

“We always kind of start everything from a traditional standpoint when we’re thinking of a new beer,” Flying Bison brewer Colin Herzog said. “We’ll put our own little spin on it- add fruits or flavors or hops- our building blocks always start from a traditional mindset when we brew our beers.”

What’s one beer a newcomer to Flying Bison has to try?

“I would recommend the All-America City IPA,” Colin said. “It has a low enough bitterness that it could be intriguing to someone who is used to a typical lager, and it also has fruity characteristics from the hops.”

Flying Bison just put out a “Holy Cannoli Blonde Ale”, their second collaboration with Paula’s Donuts, which will be opening a location in Larkinville.

They will be releasing their new “Buffalust IPA with Hibiscus” at the brewery on Feb. 12.

Also coming up this weekend is “Groundhog Day” at Flying Bison. WNY’s resident groundhogs Buffalo Mack and Buffalo Bert will be in attendance for the event, which benefits Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Buffalo C.A.R.E.S animal shelter, the Buffalo Zoo and the Australia Relief Fun. Tickets are $20 presale and $25 at the door. Click here for more information.

Flying Bison Brewing Company is located at 840 Seneca St. in Buffalo.

Brewery hours are as follows:

4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday

Noon to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday