BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) The man behind the Greetings from Buffalo wall painting is adding some art to Dash’s Market on Hertel Avenue. 

Casey Milbrand created a one of a kind mural for the stores new location.

“I call the piece New Day and it’s kind of based on Buffalo’s resurgence but also North Buffalo in general and Dash’s new venture. The idea was to create this feeling of walking through a neighborhood,” Milbrand said. 

The mural stretches from the first to the second floor, wrapping around the elevator shaft and going up the staircase.

It combines three of Milbrands pen and ink drawings, creating a 30-foot tall tribute to the landscape of Buffalo.

“I’ve got North Buffalo in there, some homes that you’d typically see. I’ve got the West side Richardson Complex Hotel Henry, and as you make your way up the stairs it brings you up to Buffalo City Hall which is the glory of the piece,” Milbrand said.

Alexa Dash, Director of Marketing for the store says she worked with the artist to select drawings that enhanced the architecture of the building. 

She also wanted customers to see their neighborhood represented in the store because those are the that have helped her family’s business grow.

“The city of Buffalo is why we’re here and why we do what we do every day. They’ve supported us for the last almost a hundred years and without them we wouldn’t be here, so we’re eternally grateful to Buffalo,” Dash said.

While it’s uncommon to see a mural in a grocery store, customers say it adds character to the building and makes their shopping trip a little brighter

“It brings a lot of community which is all around from this store here and I think it beautifies the place,” said Patrick Martin, a resident of North Buffalo.

“As soon as I came up the stairs I noticed it. It just adds a certain ambiance,” Martin said.