BUFFALO, N.Y.(WIVB)– There’s a mural on Main Street in Buffalo urging people to “Keep Buffalo a Secret”, but when it comes to finding top-notch food in the Queen City, the secret is out!

Buffalo was recently featured in a CNN Travel article “From Buffalo to Birmingham, veteran chefs highlight surprising foodie cities.”

Apparently, the food delicacies in the Queen City have caught the attention of celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian who simply said “Buffalo has some great food.”

Mentioned under the headline “Sneaky Good Foods”, the article praises The Dapper Goose for its well-crafted cocktails and appetizers. Toutant is mentioned for its southern-style cuisine and Dobutsu’s Asian style comfort food gets a nod as well.

“It’s pretty awesome,” said Chef and Owner James Roberts of Dobutsu. “To be one of a couple of places named in Buffalo and then in the conversation with some of those bigger cities, major food markets that are heavyweights in American cuisine is awesome.”

Roberts opened the restaurant almost two years ago with the intention of offering dining options that weren’t available.”I wanted to give people the things that I enjoyed eating but couldn’t find,” Roberts said.

Those unique offerings created a buzz for the business because , as most residents will tell quickly tell you, Buffalo has more to offer than wings and Beef on Weck. Good to see the rest of the country taking notice.