Buffalo State/FIT grad turns her passion for fashion into image consulting business

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Whether it’s for a job interview or a first date, having the right outfit can be a huge confidence boost. 

“I always tell my clients ‘when you look good, you feel good’, and there’s a science to that,” Toni Jones, the founder and CEO of TJ Divine Image said.

 TJ Divine Image is an image consulting and personal styling service. Some of the services offered through various packages include over-the-phone and in-person consultations, color analysis to determine what colors a client looks best in, and personal shopping sessions.

“If someone is getting ready for an interview, we not only help them prepare in terms of dressing them, but we also work on non-verbal communication skills as well,” Jones added.

Jones graduated from Buffalo State with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Textile Marketing and an Associate’s degree in Textile and Marketing Development from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and started her business while she was still a student. 

She got the idea to start an image consulting business while earning her vocational degree in fashion and interior design from Niagara Career and Tech Center.

“Image consulting was one of the careers I felt would align with me and what I love to do- help people and help people discover their style,” Jones said. “I went to Buffalo State with that in mind, wanting to pursue it as a business.”

The services are especially useful for clients who don’t enjoy picking out clothes.

“I meet tons of people who really do not like shopping, as well as don’t know exactly how to go about shopping,” Jones said.

Jones takes clients to different stores depending on what they’re looking for.

“If the client is going for something more weekender or trendy, we’ll take them to a trendier place or a boutique,” Jones explained. “If the client is an executive and is looking for more of an executive look, I’ll take them to a Lord and Taylor or a Saks Fifth Avenue.”

Often, Jones incorporates local shops and boutiques into her services.

“When I do services and styling, I do mention the importance of financial literacy and supporting local businesses- not only does it help you out, but it keeps the economy going,” she said.

Jones is also an editorial contributor to Hip Hop Weekly, and recently started a tour called “Where Can Your Image Take You”, aimed at middle and high school students.

The tour is designed to teach students the importance of networking, mentoring, and shadowing.

Click here for more information on “Where Can Your Image Take You”.

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