Buffalo’s first barre/yoga studio with a tavern license about to celebrate one year

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Megan Leith started Barretend Buffalo (503 Delaware Ave.) as a way to make barre more accessible for those without much plie practice.

“I would go to barre classes a lot and I would struggle because of flexibility,” Leith said. “I knew there had to be other people who were feeling the same way- I wanted there to be a place where people could come take barre classes who don’t have a dance background.”

“That’s what we’re about here, barre is not just for ballerinas, barre is for every body,” she added.

For those unfamiliar, barre utilizes a series of tiny movements, some of which incorporate a ballet barre.

“It’s a little bit like Pilates,” Leith said. “We’re doing a lot of leg lifts, plies, posture- tiny little movements that really burn after a while.”

Leith opened her barre and yoga studio last Valentine’s Day.

It was the first barre/yoga studio in Buffalo to hold a tavern license. Guests can enjoy an alcoholic beverage after (or during) their workout, and the studio offers classes like “Barre Now, Bar Later” and “Guns and Rosé”.

Having the tavern license has made Barretend an attractive spot for parties.

“We do bachelorette parties, moms’ night out parties, work parties,” Leith said.

The studio is also inclusive of moms with young kids. Classes like “Mom and Me: Baby at the Barre” encourage moms to bring their newborns along for a workout.

“When I opened, I felt like we needed spots for moms to bring their babies,” Leith said. “Sometimes moms want to work out and childcare is an issue- I wanted these moms to be able to bring their babies to class.”

Barretend Buffalo will have an anniversary party from noon to 2 p.m. on Feb. 16. It will include free classes, snacks, and drinks.

If you’re interested in attending a class or booking a party with Barretend Buffalo, click here.

Still photographs courtesy Barretend Buffalo Facebook and Sarah Bridgeman.


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