Forget traditional desks- this Genesee County elementary school classroom offers “flexible seating”

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(WIVB) – You won’t find many traditional classroom desks in Lynnette Gall’s sixth grade math class at Byron-Bergen Elementary School.

Instead, students can learn at cafe-style tables, standing desks, lounge chairs, stadium seats, and a new “Nugget Comfort couch”, which was donated to the classroom through

Students can choose where they feel most comfortable learning, a press release from the Byron-Bergen School District said Monday.

Gall has been transitioning her classroom into a “flexible seating” arrangement over the past few years. As of this school year, the classroom only contains one “traditional” school desk.

“It’s more of a coffee shop space,” said Gall. “You could equate it to going to Starbucks to work and sitting where you are most comfortable. The students are more engaged and therefore learning more, because they’re comfortable.”

Rather than being assigned a seat, student’s in Gall’s class decide on a class-to-class basis where they want to sit. Some students may elect not to sit at all and choose to stand at a counter-height table.

“It’s fostering a shared responsibility instead of a ‘this is mine’ mentality,” said Gall. “Everyone has to work together to make the classroom successful.”

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