“I’m Livin B” brings Buffalo fashion to the mainstream

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BUFFALO, N.Y.(WIVB)– It started with a simple mantra eight years ago.

“I’m living B, it was just a saying that my friends and I were always saying around the neighborhood. Then I would put it up on Twitter and it would get a lot of retweets and I thought ok what does that mean, ” said Buffalo native Eric Rawls.

Rawls took that popular saying and put it on a T-shirt and started selling them out of the trunk of his car and online. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I posted a picture on the internet and I got a bunch of people saying I want one, where’d you get that, and that’s how it began,” said Rawls.

From those humble Buffalo beginnings, Rawls now has storefronts in Buffalo and Charlotte North Carolina and the “I’m Livin B” clothing line is sold worldwide online. A recent $12 dollar hoodie campaign raking in $100,000 dollars in 24 hours.

Eric Rawls creator of “I’m Livin B”

“We have so many global hits, so many international orders, they don’t even care where we’re from we’re just putting out a quality product. It used to be people buying to support, now they’re buying it because they want it,” said Rawls.

That support is coming from the Hip -Hop community as well, with stars like Torey Lanez and Alexis Skyy wearing the clothing line on Instagram.

“When they would come in for an event or if we would go out of town for an event, we would all party together and the brand just stands out. People organically just want it,” said David Stanfield, manger of the Buffalo store.

Despite now living in Charlotte, Rawls says he still gets back to the Queen City as much as possible to tell his story to inspire the next generation of Buffalo kids.

“We got to let these people know that Buffalo is not some small town that doesn’t have talent. We got a lot of things going on.”

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