BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Evan Anstey is a man of many hats when it comes to music. He currently performs with six bands, four of which will be playing on the same bill this weekend.

Anstey will be playing as a part of the bands Meat Raffle, Evan Anstey & His Band, Finding Sodus, and Bunch of Bloody Guts at Live Edge Brewing Company in Burt, N.Y. on Saturday for “Evan Anstey’s Big-Ass 30th Birthday Show.” The show is slated to start at 6 p.m.

This weekend will mark the most appearances by Anstey in a single lineup in his music-playing career.

“I’m feeling good,” Anstey said. “A little bit exhausted because I’m in the middle of some recording projects, along with gigging and planning this, but nonetheless, I’m excited.”

Included in his series of recording projects is a Finding Sodus EP that’s scheduled to come out on Friday that the band recorded in one day. He also recently finished recording a solo album, which he will make the official announcement on very soon, and is midway through recording a new Meat Raffle album.

Anstey also plays a slew of instruments, including guitar and vocals in Finding Sodus and Meat Raffle, bass and backing vocals in Bunch of Bloody Guts, and violin and mandolin (in addition to guitar and vocals) while playing as part of Evan Anstey & His Band.

Anstey suggested that anyone interested in coming to his birthday show with a group reserve a table ahead of time.

Where the bands got their names:

Bunch of Bloody Guts: From a lyric in Medina songwriter Zilch Fletcher’s “The Ballad of Bloody Guts.”

Evan Anstey & His Band: Inspired by Bob Dylan’s band, The Band.

Finding Sodus: Named by drummer Pete Sarchia after Sodus Point, N.Y.

Meat Raffle: Named by bassist Ian DeHaas, who shortly after moving to Buffalo was inspired by churches near his apartment advertising meat raffles.

His dream festival lineup:

  1. Radiohead
  2. Aoife O’Donovan and Nickel Creek
  3. Alice in Chains
  4. Foo Fighters
  5. Bunch of Bloody Guts
  6. Finding Sodus
  7. Evan Anstey & His Band
  8. Meat Raffle

For more information about Evan Anstey and his music, visit the following links:

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