BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Fernway is returning from their most recent tour on this Music Monday, with a goal of playing 100 out-of-town shows in 2023. News 4 sat down with R.J. and Tanner DeMarco earlier this month to discuss the band’s work, goals, and more.

The alternative rock outfit consists of guitarist and frontman R.J. DeMarco, guitarists Brett Robertson and Jonah Wrest, bassist Alec Dube, and drummer Tanner DeMarco.

The band released its second album, “Autocrave,” last summer, and is currently working on new music. R.J. is hopeful that the band could finish their next album in 2023, however, Tanner said it will likely take a while longer. The pair did say they plan to release some music this year regardless of when the album is finished.

R.J. DeMarco, who also works in production for Quiet Country Audio, has had the opportunity to work with many bands and artists across the Buffalo area in creating their records. He noted how much talent the Buffalo scene has, to which Tanner DeMarco added how everyone in Buffalo music is a degree of separation from any given artist in the area.

“I can’t overstate how grateful we are and how fortunate it’s been and how amazing the Buffalo music scene is,” R.J. DeMarco said. “Everybody feels like family and like a friend we’ve known forever.”

How the band got its name: “Fernweh” is German for “wanderlust,” but the band decided to spell it as it’s pronounced to make it easier on everyone.

Their favorite venues to play: Buffalo Iron Works, Town Ballroom, Mohawk Place, Xtreme Wheels, BJ’s Fredonia, NPSC

Their favorite songs to play live: A

Their favorite artists to play with: Ghostpool, Carpool, Amateur Hockey Club, Ashford, MIMIC, Previous Love, Grace Greenan, the whole Buffalo scene in general

Their dream concert lineups:

  1. Fernway
  2. Nightly
  3. The Midnight
  4. The 1975

For more information about Fernway and their music, visit the following links:

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