BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Market Research, a five-year-old, four-piece Buffalo band, released its debut album on April 8. The group is made up of bassist Will Gerych, lead guitarist Mac Greschak, drummer Stephen Rauscher, and singer, rhythm guitarist, and CEO Jake Marciniak.

Marciniak described the band’s formation as “a happy accident.”

“I was working at Hatchets and Hops over on Main Street,” he said. “Our bassist, was a member of the league there; he used to bring Mac with him. I just became good friends with them, they figured out I was a musician and they asked me to come jam with them.”

Marciniak deemed the band’s first jam session “an absolute disaster,” as they tried to play 50s rock covers together.

“I didn’t even have an electric guitar at that point,” he said.

Greschak said the band has on multiple occasions been confused for an actual market research firm.

“One guy on Facebook sent us a whole document worth of stuff that he wanted us to review,” he laughed. “I think it’s happened twice.”

Marciniak said it’s happened more than twice and joked that the band should turn into an actual business to accomplish their goals of acquiring Smash Mouth’s catalogue and performing a concert in the video game “Fortnite.”

While Market Research waits to be featured in “Fortnite,” they have plenty of shows fans of local music in Buffalo can check out, including one at Amy’s Place on May 17. Marciniak also teased shows at Mister Goodbar, Stamps the Bar, and the Lavender Room, and said they will be playing with the bands Dead Orchids and Psyche Chain soon.

How the band got its name: “We were at the Naan-Tastic on Niagara Falls Boulevard and we were just kind of shooting names out,” Marciniak said. “I’ve always thought it was funny to be ironically corporate. I’m very much not that person, so I just always thought it was funny.”

Their favorite venues to play: Nietzsche’s, Mister Goodbar, Stamps the Bar, Mohawk Place

Their favorite songs to play: “Rust Belt,” “Son of Man,” “Fixator,” “Down the Barrel”

Their dream concert lineups:

Steve Rauscher

  1. PUP
  2. Delta Sleep
  3. Market Research

Jake Marciniak

  1. Car Seat Headrest
  2. The Front Bottoms
  3. Foo Fighters
  4. Market Research

Mac Greschak

  1. Johnny and the Man Kids
  2. Dead Orchids
  3. Sasha & The Spoons
  4. Market Research

For more information about Market Research and their music, click the following links:

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