BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Punk band On the Cinder is coming up on its 10-year anniversary, and to celebrate, the band is having a show at Buffalo’s Mohawk Place on March 25.

On the Cinder is comprised of drummer Tyler Rzemek, guitarist Jason Wright, and bassist Mike Jacobs. The band met at the University at Buffalo. At the time, Rzemek and Jacobs played in an eight-piece ska band. After that group split, Wright joined, forming the three-piece punk rock outfit when the trio lived together.

The bands Starjuice and Do It With Malice will be joining On the Cinder for the anniversary show

“I think it’s going to be a good show, I think it’s going to be really solid,” Wright said. “We’ve been practicing our butts off for it. We’re playing some things we have not played in what feels like a lifetime.”

OTC also officially announced the dates for its upcoming tour on Monday morning, with the trio starting in Ohio and making its way through 10 different states between April 14 and 30. The tour will promote the band’s 2021 concept LP, “Sedentary Escape.”

On the Cinder also has a new record coming out soon, titled “Heavy-Handed,” which has been mixed and is currently in its final stages.

How the band got its name: The band was named after a line from “Watchmen,” as comic book and video game influences are part of what makes the band members who they are.

Their favorite people in the local scene to work with: Radical Operations, Over & Out, Sally Schaefer, Starjuice, Do It With Malice, Mic Excel, Mohawk Place staff, The Old Pink staff

Their favorite songs to play: Past, Present, No Future (Jacobs), Coping/Soap Box (Rzemek)

Their dream concert lineups:

Tyler Rzemek

“We’ve done a bunch of the bands I’d want to do before,” Rzemek said. “We were on a bill with The Menzingers, we were on a bill with A Wilhelm Scream — and that one was like a bucket list checklist. We haven’t played (with) Strike Anywhere yet, we have to get them in the United States. We did Spanish Love Songs, we did Iron Chic.”

Mike Jacobs

  1. On the Cinder
  2. Snapcase
  3. Every Time I Die

For more information about On the Cinder and their music, visit the following links:

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