BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Looking to get your kids into punk rock music without exposing them to the grittiness and content of the lyrics? Have no fear, Rumble Pack is here.

Michael and Becca Hansen began writing music during the pandemic, and both attributed the silliness of their lyrics to being kids at heart.

“We were doing a lot of jokey stuff and the more we produced, the more it felt like, ‘This might actually work for kids,'” Michael Hansen said.

“Help them like punk music, too,” Becca Hansen added.

With Becca being influenced by pop-punk music, and Michael drawing inspiration from heavier music, the couple said that the blend of the two is what makes their music work.

“It’s a way for the parents that are taking in this music to find some familiarity,” Michael said.

He also called the band’s music “a good way for parents and kids to connect over music that isn’t the ABCs or Baby Shark.”

The band released an EP, “Something to Get Stoked About” in the fall, with a music video for the lead single, Pizza Party, on YouTube. Links to the band’s music and videos can be found below.

How the band got its name: Rumble Pack was named after the Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak controller extension, which Michael Hansen described as QUOTE.

Their favorite songs they’ve written: Pizza Party, You Can Do It

Their favorite people to work with in the area: John Angelo

Their dream concert lineups:

Michael Hansen

  1. AFI
  2. The Aquabats
  3. Rumble Pack

Becca Hansen

  1. Davey Havok (spoken word, reading a children’s book he wrote)
  2. The Aquabats
  3. Rumble Pack

For more information about Rumble Pack and their music, visit the following links:

Music Monday #22 was filmed at the band’s practice space at Wast3land Studios, a production studio on Main Street in Buffalo that provides recording, mixing, and mastering services, as well as practice and performance spaces.

(Thumbnail image: Matt Sledz / Courtesy: Rumble Pack)

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