BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Rapper Shogun Wiz has a new project releasing on April 20, with a release show scheduled the same day. The show is set to take place at Main Street Armory in Rochester.

Shogun Wiz spoke on his upcoming album, titled “Ultra Shogun Wiz.”

“It’s coming soon, man,” he said. “Be ready. It’s going to be the hardest tracks (that) I’ve put my soul and pain into.”

Shogun Wiz said being born and raised in Buffalo has had an influence on his style of music and that no matter where he goes, the city goes with him.

Even before he seriously began pursuing music, Wiz formed Ruff Buff Entertainment group, as a way for the group’s members to express themselves across different forms of media — from music, to videography, to production, and more.

“It’s the City of Good Neighbors, and that’s true, there’s a lot of good people out here,” he said. “I love Buffalo, man. That’s it for me. That’s why I incorporate it (in the name) Ruff Buff Entertainment.”

“We all have to have the same vision, the same mindset, the same goals, the same ambition,” he said. “So that when you become part of the team, you’ve got the same drive.”

How Shogun Wiz got his name: Heavily influenced by Japanese culture, Shogun Wiz took his name “shogun” from the Japanese term for a military commander.

What artists inspire him: De La Soul, Jeru the Damaja, KRS-One

His favorite venues to play: Showplace Theater, Stamps the Bar, Varsity Theatre, Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo Niagara Convention Center for the 716 Music Awards

His favorite song to perform live: Drippin

His dream concert lineup:

  1. Danny Don Dada
  2. Biggs
  3. Shogun Wiz (with producer Tameron Diddle)

For more information about Shogun Wiz and his music, visit the following links:

(Thumbnail image: Shakief Rivers / Courtesy: Shogun Wiz)

Music Monday #24 was filmed at Shogun Wiz’s home studio in Buffalo, N.Y.

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