BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Quentin McCauley, Dave Rundell, and Dillon Slater make up the appropriately named jazz band The Quentet. The band has a show on March 31 at Black Dots and will be playing the Northwest Jazz Festival in Lewiston this August.

The three met at Buffalo State College and have all since went into the field of education since graduation, forming the band last year. McCauley said he suggested the band’s name started as a joke, but has since stuck.

“I thought of The Quentet as a joke at first,” McCauley recalled. “It became a reality really quick because it was pretty catchy. So we just stuck with it, we ran with it, everybody’s given me nothing but good feedback on the name, so it’s there to stay now.”

McCauley said the band is trying to schedule a few more shows for the coming months, with plans for a few in April and “a lot” in May.

Their favorite venues to play: The Cave, Sportsmen’s Tavern, Black Dots, Mohawk Place, Flying Bison, Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo Riverworks, Rec Room

Their favorite artists to work with: Cheap Peach, Vertigo Child, Mom Said No, Dalton Sharp, Farrow, Strange Standard, George Caldwell, Bobby Jones, Marcus Lolo

Their dream concert lineups:

Dave Rundell

  1. Ellen Pieroni & the Encyclopedia of Soul
  2. Strange Standard
  3. Grosh
  4. The Quentet

Dillon Slater

  1. Jay/Sharptet
  2. Cheap Peach
  3. Snarky Puppy
  4. The Quentet

Quentin McCauley

  1. David Jonathan & The Inner City Bedlam
  2. Farrow
  3. The Quentet


  1. Robert Glasper
  2. Emmet Cohen
  3. Braxton Cook
  4. The Quentet

For more information about The Quentet and their music, visit the band’s Facebook page at this link.

Music Monday #29 was filmed at The Cave, an intimate venue in Buffalo located behind the Sportsmen’s Tavern on Military Road. For more information on the venue, click here.

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