Richardson Olmsted Campus goes green with goats

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- The Richardson Olmsted Campus is using goats as a green way to keep the weeds away!

Let’s Goat Buffalo was at the campus to get rid of some particularly invasive Japanese Knotweed.

The pilot program featured seven goats on campus during the week of August 18. These goats cleared a targeted area infested with the plant on the north side of the building. Jenn Zeitler, owner of Let’s Goat Buffalo says the biggest advantage of goatscaping is the environmental benefits.

“We’re not using any pesticides or herbicides. We’re not bringing in any heavy equipment. When you use herbicides that’s an indiscriminate killer.It’s going to take out all plants in the area. It negatively affects insect life, particularly Honey Bees so our pollinators are getting killed off by that. It’s also not good for people so we’re seeing cases of cancer for people that are tasked with applying those herbicides on a large scale. We want to move away from that,” said Zeitler..

Representatives for the campus said the weeds were destroying the building that is a historical treasure.Built in the nineteenth century, the campus featured a 100-acre farm where patients could choose to work and harvest food for the asylum.

“Bringing goats back to the Richardson Olmsted Campus has been a great thing for us. It’s eco-friendly, it’s cost effective for us in the long run, and it’s a beautiful nod to the farm that was once here when this operated as the Buffalo State Hospital,” said Corey Fabian-Barrett, communications manager for the Olmsted Campus.

The goats made such quick work of the weeds, they will be moving on to the next project and Wednesday will be their last day at the campus.You can catch them again at The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s South Park in September.

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