Roswell Park’s Superbowl commercial encourages us all to “Celebrate Life”

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(WIVB)-While our beloved Bills didn’t make it on the Superbowl field, the Queen City was well represented by way of commercials.

The trailer for John Krasinki’s thriller “A Quiet Place 2” featuring Buffalo as a backdrop was shown nationally, but on a local level Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center encouraged people to enjoy the small moments in life.

“Each vignette shows a unique story, another example of the joyful moments we might miss if we’re too plugged in and not paying attention,” says Roswell Park President and CEO Candace S. Johnson, PhD. “Even the small moments become big moments when you’re a cancer patient. The folks that were in the commercial were patients so it was really an opportunity for us to send a different message for all of us in these times to pause and to celebrate life .”

One of those patients is 4 -year-old Andre Sanders. Andre has nephroblastoma, a rare form of kidney cancer. He goes to chemotherapy five days a week at Rosewell and is known as Andre the Warrior to his family and friends for his positive outlook.

“We would term any challenge he would face as his battle, so whenever he has a procedure or even every day when I have to give him two injections a day ,we’ll call it his battle and when he’s done we say Dre, you won the battle,” said Andre’s mom Alexandra Sanders.

His father Rich Sanders says being apart of the commercial was a blessing to them as a family and a reminder to al on how important it is to be present with the ones you love and to treat every moment as if it could be your last.

“I’m always thinking about where are we going next month or what’s the next memory to make, and I think this experience has brought us centered to look at today. So that commercial and that them wraps up that whole idea and that concept.”

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