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(WIVB) – Katherine and Kirsten Jost are bringing good vibes to the Queen City and beyond with their line of hand-poured candles.

The twin sisters started their business, “Witches of Wax” during the pandemic.

“We were kind of hesitant to start a business- we didn’t want it to stress us out, because making candles is something we totally enjoy,” Katherine said. “I think we’ve been success in still making it something that’s fun.”

The candles they make are adorned with crystals, flowers, and herbs that coordinate with each candle’s intention. The names are fun and sometimes cheeky- like “Hug from the Universe”, “Get Grounded” and “Sage That Sh#*”.

“I think that’s kind of the most fun part- deciding what is going to be the meaning behind the candle,” Katherine said.

“We love to look at them and create them, and also just have people feel the energy of what we’re putting into them,” Kirsten added. “You look at it, and it gives you a little bit of joy.”

Right now, the sisters are working on their spring equinox collection, which will be focused on “awakening, revival and rebirth”.

“We like to dry a lot of our own flowers- we buy them in the community and have gardens, and kind of dry those out throughout the year,” Kirsten said. “For spring, we’re really feeling bright colors, pressed flowers to remind you of springtime.”

Their sister, Halie, a graphic designer, provided the graphics for the company.

Starting a business during a pandemic meant that the sisters had to start out completely online and on social media.

“We weren’t able to interact with customers,” Kirsten said. “In the past couple of months, we have been able to do some outdoor, socially-distanced pop-up events, which was really special to us.”

The sisters have a special nickname for themselves.

“We’re ‘twitches’- twin witches,” Katherine laughed. That’s just something that’s special to us- we love crystals, tarot cards, intentions, and the meaning of everything.”

Katherine is a lawyer and Kirsten is an accountant.

“I think the most special part is that we get to do it together,” Katherine said. “We always dreamed of creating a business together- I think we thought it would be more in the business world, but it’s cool that we get to do something totally different and spend time together.”

You can purchase from Witches of Wax on their website, and keep up with the latest releases on their Instagram page.

You can also find the candles in WNY boutiques like Blue House Collective. They offer a candle and fresh bouquet bundle through a partnership with Marigold + Vase, and they can also do custom candles.

“We can work with you if you have a color palette or vibe that you want,” Katherine said.

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