Weird and Wild WNY Eats: Farmer’s Breakfast Muffin at JAM Parkside

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It’s not unusual to find an egg on an English muffin.

To find an egg inside of a regular muffin is a different story.

The Farmer’s Breakfast muffin at JAM Parkside in Buffalo is a boiled egg inside of a fluffy cornmeal batter.

“Sticking an egg in it makes sure that whoever is working has the sustenance they need to get through the day,” chef Annie Krause said.

The muffin batter is made with gluten-free flour, white cornmeal, canola-based oil, and both baking soda and powder for an airy texture. Salsa is mixed into the batter for a kick, and Krause uses soymilk instead of dairy milk for moisture.

“We have quite a number of customers who don’t consume dairy,” Krause said. “I don’t use dairy products in any of our goods- there should always be something available for everybody.”

The Farmer’s Breakfast Muffin has been on the menu at JAM Parkside since the coffee shop opened about six months ago.

“It’s a whole meal in a muffin,” co-owner Steven Cichon said. “It fills you up, it’s easy, it doesn’t make a lot of mess- people just enjoy it.”

The coffee shop serves up locally-roasted Typico coffee and espresso drinks, along with a variety of pastries and frittatas.

Many of the pastries are an echo of the past.

“A lot of the recipes I use are based on Depression-era recipes when they sometimes didn’t have access to dairy,” Krause said. “Everything is made on scratch here on site.”

Even the coffee syrups- including this season’s Harvest flavor- are made at the shop.

“Making things in-house and knowing where all of the elements that go into our pastries and drinks come from is very important to us,” Cichon said.

JAM Parkside is a community effort. About 80 people invested to open the shop, which is located across from the Buffalo Zoo.

“There was a coffee shop in this space for a while and then there wasn’t for a long time, and everybody missed it,” Cichon said. “A couple of the neighbors got together and decided we need a coffee shop, but we need it to benefit our community.”

JAM Parkside is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. It’s located at 301 Parkside Ave.

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