Wings are a meal: Buffalo man claps back at Cuomo, makes t-shirt honoring the city’s famous dish

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CLARENCE, N.Y. (WIVB)– Whether they prefer flats or drums, any good Buffalonian will tell you that chicken wings are an essential part of a well-balanced diet.

“We may have disagreements all across the board, but the people of Buffalo can agree on one thing, that chicken wings are a meal,” said David Willert.

Born and raised in the Queen City, Willert took the comment made by Governor Cuomo that chicken wings are in fact not a meal very personally.

“I heard him say chicken wings aren’t a meal and I said wait a minute.”

Enlisting the help of a graphic designer friend, Willert created Buffalo Thread Wear and a t-shirt saying “Chicken wings are a meal. The one thing we can agree on. Sincerely, Buffalo.”

“I talked to him about what we could do, could we get a shirt out that just is something we could do to bring the community of Buffalo around that makes sense.”

The shirt not only gives you the chance to show off the true greatness of the city’s signature dish, you can also donate to a good cause.

“We’ve teamed up to donate portions of our proceeds to the International Justice Mission. They are the largest international organization in the world fighting against human trafficking,” Willert said.

Willert says he’s sent shirts to both Governor Cuomo and Governor Newsom in hopes that maybe they’ll understand how serious we Buffalonians take our wings.

“Whether you meant it or not, what was heard can not be unheard by the people of Buffalo New York, and we stand by the fact here at Buffalo Thread Wear that chicken wings are absolutely a meal.”

If you’d like to show off your support for wings with a t-shirt, click here.

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