Weird and Wild WNY Eats: Octopus hotdog at Misuta Chows


Buffalonians are partial to a particular brand of hot dog- and our ballpark is named after it.

If a typical hotdog isn’t adventurous enough for you, a local restaurant is offering up an octopus hot dog.

The “tako sand” (octopus sandwich) is available at Misuta Chows, 521 Main St. in Buffalo. The dish consists of a braised and crispy Spanish octopus tentacle, served on a toasted hot dog bun with tangy togarashi ketchup, radishes and sweet pea tendrils.

The inspiration for the handheld dish came from Portugal, executive chef Dunbar Berdine said.

“One of our owners [Johny Chow] was on tour there, and he took pictures of it and sent it to us, and we made our own version of that,’ Berdine said.

Octopus is common on menus in places like Portugal, Spain, and Japan, but it’s rarer to find in Western New York.

“A lot of people really love it,” Berdine said of the tako sand. “I think some people are put off by it at first, but once they actually put it in their mouths, I think they really love it.”

Misuta Chows is packed with Japanese influence- from its iconic pink staircase to its menu, which is inspired by Japanese street food.

There’s the Bakudan Wing- a whole boneless wing stuffed with pork, mushrooms and glass noodles.

“It’s a cross between a chicken wing and a spring roll,” Berdine explained.

The menu also includes ramen, sushi, and grilled skewered bowls.

“We definitely have Japan on our minds, and celebrating the culture,” Berdine said.

Misuta Chows is open seven days a week and is 21 and up after 10 p.m. For more information, click here.

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