BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The New York State Legislature’s session expires next Thursday. There are only three days of session still scheduled.

But in the wake of mass shootings in Buffalo and Texas, Governor Kathy Hochul is still putting forward multiple gun control measures. Among them, she wants to expand the definition of a firearm and require police to report the recovery of a gun used to commit a crime within 24 hours of its discovery.

She also believes you should have to be 21 to buy an AR-15.

“How does an 18-year-old purchase an AR-15 in the State of New York and State of Texas?” she asked Wednesday.

Paul McQuillen, the executive director of Gun Sense New York wonders that as well.

“I think the time to educate kids from 18-21, maybe that buys us a little time, a little maturity, a little sensibility,” McQuillen said.

James Ostrowski is a Buffalo 2nd Amendment lawyer. When asked why an 18-year-old should be able to buy an AR-15, he said, “They’re a human being. Therefore they have a natural right to bear arms.”

Gun measures aren’t all that are on the table in Albany. State Senator Sean Ryan introduced a bill earlier this week to restrict body armor purchases. His bill would require those sales to be done in person.

“Right now, most of the transactions occur online,” Ryan said. “There is not a body armor store on every Main Street in New York State.”

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