BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – One ECMC nurse is making it her duty to save as many lives as possible, if an active shooting happened in Western New York.

Last year showed you how First Responders in Western New York took on “Stop the Bleede” Training. Now, those teachings are spreading into our schools.

The familiar sights from Florida of another deadly school shooting rips through the hearts of ECMC nurses like Beth Moses.

“Stop the Bleed” is a movement that shows people how to stop excessive bleeding through a tourniquet or by applying dressings in case of an emergency.

Now, Moses’ training is in high demand.

Moses is a Trauma Injury/Education Coordinator at ECMC. Moses said, “If they have life threatening bleeding, it takes ten seconds to stop the problem and save their life.”

In case of an emergency, First Responders often aren’t the first ones there, you are. And that, Moses says, can make all the difference. She said, “You don’t always have time to wait for an ambulance to get there. Somebody has got to act first.”
Beth Moses is spreading that message through our schools. She’s working her way through Hamburg, Lockport, Pembrooke and Cheektowaga School Districts. And teaching kids as young as 12 these lessons.
The “Stop the Bleed” program started after The Sandy Hook School shooting. Moses said, “They determined that a lot of those children and the people that died, died because they bled to death, because people didn’t know what to do.”
It can take 4 to 5 minutes for a first Responder to get to a scene, and Moses says sometimes that is just too long. She said, “You can bleed to death in several minutes.”
On top of spreading the message to schools, Moses is training medical professions who can get this to our rural areas:  With a goal of hitting all 8 counties of Western New York.
Moses says whether the situation is a shooting, natural disaster or car accident:
The medical techniques to stop excessive bleeding are essential for everyone to learn. It’s something she says is as essential as CPR training.
And lessons that are now in high demand. She said, “But it’s not just schools, the casinos have been done, any big venue,s boy scouts, PTA, Groups, different interests all across the board.”
Moses teaches the course in under an hour. In the Hamburg School District, every teacher that gets trained, gets a full-kit for their classroom. A kit will cost about $70 dollars.

You can buy a tourniquet kit for about $30 dollars.

You can learn more about Stop the Bleed here.
To learn about Stop The Bleed training through ECMC, you can call 716.898.3962