Western New York siblings make Christmas ornaments to benefit Buffalo Zoo


The Buffalo Zoo is among the many businesses struggling after shutting down for most of the year. Zoo officials say it costs $25,000 to keep the place running. They sent out a letter explaining that they had a $4 million budget gap. That’s when Ava and Ryan DeFazio knew they had to help.

“The animals can’t take care of themselves, and they need people to take care of them. Just like dogs, they can’t open canned food,” explained 8 year old Ava.

Eating much more than your typical household dog, Communications Director, Christian Dobosiewicz, says their four Rhinos can eat over a hundred pounds of food each day, so the grocery budget is significant.

With the hopes of keeping the doors to the zoo open, Ava and her brother Ryan started making ornaments in the shape of a Buffalo. Sold for $10 each and hand painted with love from the siblings and their friends.

“When you see your children are turning into the kind of citizens that you want them to become, it makes you emotional,” says Heather DeFazio.

You can pick up your ornaments between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday at Little Buffalo, which is at 633 Hertel Ave.

They also have a Venmo that is donated to The Buffalo Zoo-titled “savethezoo”.

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