Chris Collins’ resignation leaves more than 700,000 Western New Yorkers without representation in the House of Representatives.

Not only is it unclear how long the seat will be empty, but also who will be the next person to represent New York’s 27 Congressional District.

At 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, the House Clerk read Collins’ resignation letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, officially making him a former congressman.

With the seat now open, Gov. Andrew Cuomo could wait to fill it until the 2020 elections, but instead, he says he plans to hold a special election sooner rather than later.

The person who wins the special election would have to run again next Nov., and as of now, there are four declared candidates in that race: republicans Chris Jacobs, Rob Ortt and Beth Parlato, and democrat Nate McMurray.

Once Gov. Cuomo declares a special election, it will have to be held at least 70 days later. Party leaders in the district’s eight counties will decide which candidates are on the ballot.