News 4 celebrates Galentine’s Day

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(WIVB) — The day before Valentine’s Day, we’re taking time to mark the occasion when ladies celebrate ladies.

“Galentine’s Day” is an offshoot of Valentine’s Day that may have originated in the popular sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” It’s a day when women celebrate the “gals” in their lives, hence the name “Galentine’s Day.”

The ladies of News 4 are celebrating with some kind words about their friends and colleagues. Here are photos shared by members of the team:

(Photo courtesy of News 4 Anchor Christy Kern)

“My Galentine, friend, and hairdresser for 30+ years. Mary Hourigan of Lion’s Mane knows all my secrets and I know all of hers! ❤️😉💕”

News 4 Anchor Jacquie Walker

“So lucky to have coworkers who double as friends! Happy Galentine’s Day to ALL the ladies of News 4!” 

News 4 Reporter Gabrielle Mediak
(Above three photos courtesy of News 4 Sports Reporter Jenna Harner)
(Above two photos courtesy of News 4 Digital Reporter Kelly Khatib)

“Not enough words to describe how much these ladies inspire me to work to my full potential and lift me up when I’m down! I’m eternally grateful to work side-by-side with all the talented and kind women at News 4 and call them not just co-workers, but friends!”

News 4 Digital Reporter Kelly Khatib

“Christy Kern is a joy to work with and has a very kind heart. She’s an amazing person and can do 12 live shots to perfection without blinking which is insane!”

News 4 Digital Reporter Kelly Khatib

“Jacquie Walker is an amazing woman and is always willing to help everyone in the newsroom. She is the epitome of class and kindness.”

News 4 Digital Reporter Kelly Khatib

“Marlee is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful reporter.”

News 4 Digital Reporter Kelly Khatib

“Kelly and I have been friends for years! Now we get to work together as News 4’s Digital Duo.” 

News 4 Digital Reporter Kaley Lynch
(Above six photos courtesy of News 4 Producer Cat Danielewicz)

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