Where Kaylee Wendt: Local dairy still delivers milk after 100 years


If you need milk most of us don’t have an option other than to head to the grocery store. Those in Niagara County are a bit luckier.

Dairy runs in my blood, I mean my last name is Wendt. So when I had the chance to choose a unique location this week, Hoover’s Dairy was a no brainer.

Robbie Hoover, grandson of the Hoover’s Dairy owner told News 4, “The farm started back in the late 1800’s and the dairy started back in 1920 with my great great grandfather.”

Hoover’s Dairy has been a family run operation since day 1. What started many years ago has been passed down from generation to generation. Some things have changed.

Judy Hoover, owner of Hoover’s Dairy, shared, “Once in a while they’ll get me to go bail hay or something but I say oh my god, tell me how to run this thing because this is new. This has air conditioning. We never had air conditioned tractors, we were out in the open.

Other things have stayed exactly the same. Hoover said, “We have really grown and know people. I love the community, I really love the community and its been good to us.”

The family prides themselves on being able to bring Niagara County the highest quality milk at an affordable price and sometimes right to your doorstep. Robbie shared, “It’s different being one of the last milk men around really. And just carrying it on and talking to different people about how it was back then and how it is now.”

Hoover’s is the only dairy in New York State that will bring their milk to you. It is one of around a hundred in the country to still do so. It’s an old school tradition that Robbie says has its ups and downs. He shared, “You know which dogs to stay away from and which dogs are nice and yeah sometimes it can get a little interesting.”

If delivery is not an option for you, Hoover’s Dairy has a brick and mortar right around the corner where you can come and purchase milk for yourself.

John Joseph, a customer from Tonawanda told News 4, “I come up here and get the milk, I love it in the bottles, it always taste better, and we always make a stop at the restaurant and have lunch first.”

Outside of just plain old 2%, Hoover’s offers skim, whole, chocolate, strawberry, and a seasonal eggnog.

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