Where Kaylee Wendt: The Winery at Marjim Manor


The Winery at Marjim Manor is in Niagara County and is a ways away from Buffalo, but it’s  worth the drive.

Niagara County is home to 21 different wineries. All are unique, but none are as special as Marjim Manor. Their slogan – wine is what you drink spirits are who you meet.

Margot Sue Bittner is the owner of Marjim Manor. The name is a combination of both her and her husband. The house was all her idea. She told News 4, “When I first walked into the house, I walked through the front door and porch and said oh this is the house I dreamed about when I was 5 years old.”

She’s always had a feeling about the home since the family moved in, in 2004. Since then they’ve made lots of changes and seen a lot of things! Bittner shared, “I’m a clergy and I do wedding ceremonies. We were down back in the middle of the wedding ceremony and I got to the vows and I turned to the bride and said do you, and zip zip zip, every camera turned off. I said I now pronounce you husband and wife and in reverse order they all came back on.”

In addition to that, there have been visitors who have seen some of the original owners in the mirror behind them. Plus the original French doors open and close on their own. The story of why will shock you. Bittner said, “Louis, son of Shubel, found out that his tuition at the University of Rochester had been raised to 12 dollars a semester.  Horrified by that huge amount, he came down the stairs and flew through the French doors at the end of the room. He startled Shubel so much that he shot his son precisely at 3 PM on Thursday.”

And he’s not the only one who died at that same time. Many other family members have passed exactly at 3 PM on Thursdays…

There are a lot of different ghost stories that have been told at the manor, the wine bottles tell those stories.

Bittner said, “The house was originally built by Shubel Merritt. It had 50 windows to it. It was a big brick home done in the Italian style. That’s why I named one of my wines Shubel sunset after him.” There is also a wine named after Shubel’s wife and children.

The interesting wines don’t stop there. Bittner shared, “Thursday afternoon at 3 is our unique time. Now the Niagara grape was created here in 1872 and this is our first commercial peach orchard in Niagara County. So I combined the two of those into the blend called Thursday Afternoon at 3!”

The winery is open year round and has lots of events to make your drive worth while, including murder mystery dinners, paint nights, and craft nights.

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