The wife of an electrician who was killed while working at Kenmore West High School could soon get some answers.

Charles “Chuck” Gause was electrocuted on August 30th, 2017. His wife filed a lawsuit against the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District last year looking for an explanation. Her lawyer, Lawlor Quinlan says she still hasn’t gotten one.

So Quinlan has filed a motion asking a judge to compel the district to turn over discovery, which is basically information or evidence.

“The statute requires that no person be permitted to be in proximity to an energized or unguarded circuit box,” said Quinlan. “Obviously, (Gause) was in the area of an unguarded or energized circuit box. We need to find out how that happened.”

A judge is yet to rule on the motion.

A spokesperson for the school district had no comment on the motion. But after the incident, the district released a statement which said, in part: “The hearts and thoughts of staff are with the worker’s family and friends, and our sincerest sympathies are extended to all those affected by this loss.”