WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) – Parents in Williamsville have been sharing their frustrations with the district’s reopening plan during virtual meetings this week.

Friday night, they wanted to share their anger in person.

Parents let their concerns be known even before the board started their special meeting.

About a dozen parents gathered outside of the district’s office to protest what they called lack of leadership from the board, especially Superintendent Scott Martzloff.

“We’re here at this protest, hoping that the superintendent’s contract does not get renewed- that we want him to step down,” said Theresa Faith, a parent in the district. “We need somebody capable of what the sign says- giving us what we deserve, which is an A+ plan.”

With just weeks before the start of the school year, many say they’re left with more questions than answers.

“My kids mean a lot to me- their education means a lot to me,” said Jim Sikorski, a parent in the district. “I moved here for this education. I don’t appreciate how this was kind of thrown together.”

Protesters say their biggest issue is the fact they feel like they’ve been left in the dark as board members make major decisions without any insight from parents or teachers. Because of this, they’re calling for Martzloff to resign.

The district announced Friday night that parents will have until next Wednesday to decide whether to send their child back for hybrid learning, or keep them home for the fully virtual model.