NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — Despite bone-chilling temperatures, tourists are flocking to Niagara Falls. The mist has cast a magical coating on everything it touches.

Emmanuel LaBlanc, a native of France, called it simply wonderful, “It’s like nature is bigger than us.”

Visitors to the Falls braved 13 below temperatures Monday morning. It warmed up to 1 degree above zero by the afternoon. Wind chills ranged from -14 to -25 throughout the day.

“I’m feeling like I’m losing my nose right now,” said a woman named Julie who was with Emmanuel.

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Tammy Adams of Jacksonville, Florida said she had never seen snow before. She was wearing blue lipstick which gave the appearance of a severe weather reaction.

When asked if she had dressed for the weather she said, “I feel froze from my head to my toe.” But she also said it was worth it.

A little boy from Saudi Arabia was comforted by his mother when he began crying because he was so cold. His father was struck by awesome beauty of the ice covered falls area.

Asked what strikes him the most, Abdulmosen Mahrn said “The beauty is the first, and how God can do this thing.”