With backyard pools in demand this summer, scammers are taking advantage


(WIVB) – Western New Yorkers have been desperately trying to get swimming pools for their backyards this summer.

Scammers have been only too happy to rip those homeowners off.

For Nick Strascina, it was one of those bargains that seemed too good to be true- and unfortunately it was. The deal was online, and the website did seem legitimate.

Swimming pools are always in short supply during the summer, but when work stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it got even worse.

Many pool shops are already booked up until next spring.

Strascina went online and came across an ad for a pool that normally sells for $1,000 or more- and it was listed for $99.

When he checked back, the website he ordered from had been taken down, and the postal service’s tracking number didn’t match up with his address.

Melanie McGovern of the Better Business Bureau cautions online pool buyers to be careful.

In Strascina’s case, the website that took his money has been hit with a restraining order in federal court by the pool company the website has been using without permission to mislead unwary victims.

McGovern advises that contacting authorities is the first step to get your money back.

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