WNY couple braves Harvey while on their honeymoon


GALVESTON, TX (WIVB) — As Texans prepare for severe flooding, a Jamestown couple is stuck in the middle of a tropical storm in Galveston, Texas.

Dennis and Amy Debo are currently honeymooning in the Lone Star state. They got married a week ago in western New York. But, five days into their trip, Hurricane Harvey made landfall south of where they are staying.

It’s the first hurricane the couple has ever been close to.

“We didn’t know what to expect, we’re from Buffalo, we’re used to blizzards, but this is a whole different ball game,” said Dennis Debo.

The couple tried to leave Texas on Friday, but it was too late to change flights. They’re riding out the storm in a condo on the beach.

“We went and got water and some food and flashlights, that kind of thing, we had to sign a waiver at the condo saying we chose to stay,” said Debo.

The couple told News 4 that voluntary evacuations are in place. The severe weather is expected to continue which will cause serious flooding.

“Flooding is really the only thing we’re concerned about as far as getting out of here,” said Debo.

The couple says they’re confident they will make it through the next 48 hours as they near the end of their honeymoon.

“In true Buffalo style, we’re gonna have a couple of beers, watch the storm and relax.”

The Debo’s are suppose to fly back to Buffalo on Monday.

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