A WNY teenager is appearing alongside some big names, including Sarah Jessica Parker, on the HBO show, Divorce.

Ashley Szczerbacki loves the big stage. The soon-to-be sophomore at St. Mary’s High School, in Lancaster, has been singing, dancing, acting, and modeling for many years.

“I’ve been doing this since I was three,” she said. “I started dancing when I was little, (doing) mommy and me classes. And my first commercial was when I was five.”

Recently, she went to NYC to try out for The Voice. While she was there, she auditioned for a small part in Divorce, and landed the gig.

“Do you know Sarah Jessica Parker? Her and Thomas Haden Church are the main characters in it, and they’re getting a divorce and they’re just kind of going through it,” she said. “And they have a daughter, and I’m on her basketball team.”

Ashley said she went to New York, to film, several times in January and February. The final time she was there, she stayed for about a week. Her character mainly interacts with others on the basketball team, but in the next episode, which airs July 29, she has a small speaking role. She wasn’t allowed to tell News 4 what that entails though.

“I guess you’ll have to watch and see,” she laughed.

And she had positive accolades about Sarah Jessica Parker.

“(She’s) hilarious, funny, and nice,” she said. “She’s so nice.”

Even though her resume extends further than many other 14 year olds, teachers and staff at St. Mary’s say humility is her number one trait.

“She’s not out there boasting and saying, ‘Hey I’m doing this kind of stuff,'” Deacon Robb Ciezki said.

“She had come to me one day with a friend, and the friend said, ‘Did you know Ashley tried out for The Voice?’ And I said, ‘I didn’t even know Ashley could sing, that is so awesome!'” Jessica Urbino said, a math teacher at the school. “She’s a very determined person and student, so I see her doing great things.”

Divorce airs Monday nights on HBO at 10 p.m.