A bullet struck this glass surface but as you can see, the bullet didn’t go through.

“It protects against active shooter situations, theft, vandalism, it’s just next level technology,” said Mario Rodriguez, Forseti Protection Group President.

A window security laminate on the glass surface helped to reinforce the glass and make it bullet resistant.

“It actually absorbs the shock and impact and heat of what a round would come into an impact the glass. So the laminate adheres to the interior of the glass surface and when that round tries to penetrate through based on theat it actually stops and prevents it,” said Rodriguez.

Several officials from local colleges and universities came together to see a live-fire demonstration, to look into potentially using the window laminate technology in Western New York schools.

“It’s an opportunity for us at different levels to protect our students from an outside perimeter standpoint to inside offices so it’s something we’re interested in just exploring at this point,” said Keith Bova, D’Youville College Campus Safety Department Director and Chief.

Windows and glass doors are vulnerable parts of a building. Forseti Protection Group President Mario Rodriguez says this window laminate technology could save lives in active shooter attacks.

“If this surface was there at the Washington Gazette for example, that shooter was able to shoot right through the access control doors, had this laminate been on the exisiting doors he would not of been able to shoot through those doors,” said Rodriguez.

You can find more information about the technology at the following link: https://forsetiprotection.com/