Woman charged in Brockport murder pleads ‘not responsible’ due to mental disease

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The suspect charged with murder in the shooting death of a woman in Brockport last year is pleading “not responsible” to the crime, citing mental illness.

In court Monday, Holly Colino pleaded not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect for Megan Dix.

On August 25, 2017, deputies said Colino fired shots into Dix’s vehicle while Dix simply sat eating her lunch while on break from her job at Lowe’s. Deputies said the shooting appeared to be a random attack.

Videos uncovered after her arrest showed Colino rambling incoherently; Coliino exhibited similar behavior at court. Months later, in court, Colino was ruled not competent to stand trial and ordered to undergo treatment. After treatment, a judge allowed proceedings to move forward.

Speaking with the media, the prosecution said Colino was suffering from schizoaffective disorder when she attacked Dix.

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