Woman looking for answers after New Era Field car break-in


HAMILTON, ONT. (WIVB) — A Miami Dolphins fan at the game in Orchard Park was served a double blow last Sunday. The Bills squished the fish and someone stole something from her car. Now, her story is going viral.

Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies say they get calls for car burglaries in parking lots around New Era Field on a regular basis during Bills home games. But it’s what was taken from this woman’s car, and the timing of this that is catching some attention.

Kristen Mullally is the woman. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, and was in Orchard Park with her husband for the Bills 24-16 win.

“So much fun,” she said. “We had a great time.”

During the game, at least. After the game, it was a different story. When they returned to their car, they say a back window had been smashed.

“I went to reach under the seat,” Mullally told News 4. “My purse was gone. So that’s when we realized that my whole purse was gone.”

Mullally had to leave her purse in the car. She couldn’t take it into the stadium, and she had no trunk to put it in. Not that there’s any good time for your purse or wallet to be stolen, but this happened at a particularly tough time for her.

“Eight years ago this Christmas, my dad passed away from cancer,” she said. “My dad was pretty selfless and always there for us all. He’s my best friend, along with my mom.

Inside Mullally’s purse was something she’s had with her ever since her dad died.

“Just before my dad passed away, my mom had purchased us, my sister and I, a coin that had an angel on it. It said, ‘Always with you.’ Just before my dad passed away in the hospital. That is in there.

“I made sure it was always in my wallet with my license, so it was always with me.”

Mullally doesn’t care so much about the money, or anything else in the purse. Monday will mark eight years since her father, Chris Mullally, died. And for Christmas, Kristen just wants her coin back.

“At the end of the day,” she said, “it’s costing me a lot more than what that person unfortunately got.”

Deputies are investigating the theft.

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